Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tyke Woof Woof Smith

Introducing our newest addition to the family: Tyke Woof Woof Smith! The boys' Christmas present came early this year...a Schnoodle puppy! Izak named the puppy "Tyke" because that is the nickname Grammy calls Izak and he thinks it is "so cute". Jaxen has decided to call the puppy "Woof Woof". So far the dog is doing good...he is very smart and has learned to run and hide every time Jax comes his way. Izak is very protective and treats Tyke like a little king. Tyke is a miniature Schnoodle and should only grow to be about 10lbs. He is suppose to be very smart, social, and great with's hoping! Kevin's parents got his sister, Sasha, so it will be fun to have doggy play dates.

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