Monday, December 15, 2008

A great 24 hrs

Our 7th day in the hospital has been a GREAT one (considering!). Emalee slept last night from 11pm to 6:30am without a coughing episode!!! She has only had minor coughing episodes today, nothing that has made her turn blue. She has only had to been suctioned twice, and best of all...she has been completely off oxygen since 10am and her stats are staying high!! Our wonderful Dr gave us an hopeful report this morning...we should be home sometime this week! It could be as early as tomorrow or as long as the end of the week BUT we will be home for Christmas! I am delighted!! Emalee has eaten more today and slept more today then she has in a month. She smiled and cooed at her daddy for almost an hour this afternoon. She was smiling at him with a HUGE grin when all of a sudden her eyes just closed and she was sound asleep. That's how Kevin and I feel...we are so happy but exhausted! The boys are having so much fun at Kevin's parents house. There is "Christmas magic" everywhere there! Izak is starting to have trouble not being home and is really missing his mommy and daddy. He understands Emalee is sick and we are taking care of her but is ready to be home. Jax is so "go with the flow" that he is happy where ever he is...but lights up when we get to see him. Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes. I feel such a huge sense of peace and relief. God is in control and is helping us every minute! Our praise to Him for a wonderful Doctor, nurses, therapists, friends, family, and the strength to endure.

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The Watkins' Family said...

Dionne, I am so happy to hear of the wonderful news and pray that He gives her the strength to keep pushing through. Everyones thoughts and prayers are working! I hope you have a WONDERFUL Christmas with your whole family at home.