Tuesday, December 9, 2008

24 hrs and counting

So Emalee has been in the hospital for about 24 hrs and is making GREAT strides at a fast recovery. Her breathing is much better, not as labored as before. She is sleeping peacefully now. She still has choking/coughing episodes but they are becoming much less frequent. One major issue we are facing is that she is aspirating every time she eats. (Some of the formula is going into her lungs instead of her tummy.) This is very painful for her and almost always leads to a choking episode. Also, she is being checked for Rotovirus (stomach flu) because she has blood in her stool. Even though she is going through all of this, she is still a very happy baby. She hardly ever cries and just watches the nurses with her big 'almost blue' eyes.
Her big brothers had to go to the Dr this morning because they are both sick. Both have yucky colds/RSV type stuff but Jax also has an ear infection and Iz a horrible cough. Please pray for all THREE of my sick children. More later...

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