Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Working Boys

We had quite a few large branches down from the ice storm. Kevin and the boys were our clean up crew! Kevin cut the logs,threw them to the boys, and then the boys loaded them (all by themselves) into their car and drove the logs to the pile and unloaded the logs. They were wiped out after that long day working!

Newest Item

I thought I would share my newest item that I am making and selling now...Little Leggies! They are basically leg warmers for babies and toddlers. They cover little knees as babies learn to crawl and keep legs warm under dresses. Any guesses as to who is wearing the dress??

Happy Heart Day

We had a very low key Valentine's Day. Cousin Ella sent the boys a box of Valentine fun. They had a BLAST with the sponge animals that grow in the water. Daddy's little Valentine was perfect as always!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Let's Go Sledding!

After a few days of iced-in we decided to break out the laundry baskets and hit some hills. (We live in Arkansas, who needs sleds?). We had a great time with our cousins, aunts, uncles, and strangers. (The strangers were the ones that had real sleds). Poor Jaxen had a bad wipe out but was ready to go again!

Ice Storm 2009

Last Monday the Ice Storm of 2009 hit us hard! I was on the phone with Sayre when I said "I hope we don't lose power because if Mom loses power she is going to come and stay with us." BOOM! Out goes our power. Little did I know that we would be out of power for the next EIGHT days and end up staying with not only my mom but Kevin's parents also. (Thank you Thank you!) We are grateful that our house did not receive any damage, just lots of tree clean up.