Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pre-K Here he comes!

Izak had his first day of "real" school on Monday. He is officially in Pre-Kindergarten at St. Vincent's. He had a great first day and was so happy to see some of his friends from Mother's day out and his previous teacher. We are so excited to see how much he will learn this year.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Two Emalees??

Emalee met her new best friend...herself!! She played in front of the mirror for close to an hour...trying to hold hands, give kisses, and eat herself! So funny!! I do feel bad for the hotel housekeeper that had to clean those mirrors after we left!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Back porch fun

Before the heat wave hit, the kiddos loved hanging out in the backyard, especially Emalee!

Holding sister

Izak LOVES to hold his baby sister. She likes it for awhile but eventually enough is enough. Notice Izak's concerned face! He is such a nice boy!!

Sweet and innocent

Nothing melts a mother's heart more then her three sleeping children all snuggled together in one bed! FYI, this has only happened ONCE and it was a miracle!!

"Grand" father Richard

Msgr Richard came for a visit!! Izak and Jaxen played cars with him for a LONG time. They thought it was so cool that he knew what most of the cars were...make and model! He even knew the Batman car. In late December he had some medical issues and we feel extra blessed to have him come and visit us as our guest. I am inspired at his deligience in his rehab and recovery! When Izak was just a baby, he fell in love with Msgr Richard...and since my daddy is in heaven we thought that it would be fitting to have Msgr be our children's "Grand"father here on earth. We sure do love him!!!

Happy Birthday Grandma and Aunt T!

We celebrated Grandma and Aunt Trina's birthday in the begining of June. We had so much fun having the family together. All of the grandkids helped blow out the cakes. I had to include a picture of my wonderful husband...doing the dishes (probably for the first time!) Can't wait to celebrate again next year!!

Driving our frogs

So the boys have these stuff frogs that they take every where...when I was driving the other day, I looked back to discover that the boys had BUCKLED their frogs into the car seats for the ride. Precious!

Nine months old!

I can't believe our Baby Emalee is already NINE months old! She had an excellent check-up with a clean bill of health! She weighed in at exactly 19 pounds...just 5 pounds under Jax. And to think there was a time when we were trying to get her to gain weight! She is a very happy baby that hardly makes any noise at all. She loves to watch her brothers and tries to play them. She can sit up all by herself but isn't interested in crawling or pulling up. She is a pure delight!!

Going to the zoo zoo zoo..

We ventured to the Gentry petting zoo recently. We had a great time and enjoyed seeing all of Kevin's relatives. The boys especially enjoyed petting the kangaroos and 15 foot snake! (the snake had his eye on Em the whole time!!)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dinner time, fun time!

So Emalee has a problem...two hands and only one mouth...what to do when all THREE are full of bread! Our little girl, well not so little, LOVES to eat and her daddy is always "sneaking" her real food. (like bread!) The boys are just cute so I included a picture of them :)

Mud bath

Boys like dirt and water so mix the two together and you get LOVE! Izak played in the mud for HOURS...Jax liked to watch from a distance. Bath time was fun that night!

Lets go skating now!

First, my boys don't always wear JUST their underwear around the house!! (sometimes they wear socks too!) Izak is a pro at skating...Jax not so much...notice the shopping cart! What better way to spend a rainy day then inside skating around the living room!


Our house was briefly overtaken today by the "Cowboy Brothers"! The boys dressed themselves in their cowboy gear and rode their "horses" (tricycle and McQueen car) all over the house. With outside temperatures near 100 degrees we are playing inside a LOT! It is so fun to watch the boys play so well together and see how much their imaginations are maturing. Yee Haw!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Egg Hunt

More egg hunt pictures! The boys had a great time checking out the Easter Bunny's ride!

Easter Egg Hunt

Our church at its first Easter Egg hunt this year. All of the Smith cousins (except Derrick) joined in on the fun! The bunny arrived on a fire truck and then stayed around long enough for pictures. Izak thought it was so funny to touch his tail. Everyone had a good time for sure!

Black Mail!

So I have been making Tutu's and flower bows for my booth. The boys LOVING trying on the tutu's so I just had to take a picture...only Izak escaped and Jaxen posed!! His first girlfriend (when he is 18) will probably run after seeing these pictures!

Jaxen HELP

Anytime Emalee needs ANYTHING, Jaxen is there to help. She started fussing the other day so I asked Jaxen to give her A toy...needless to say she was happy for quite awhile after Jax hooked her up!

Giggles and Grins

Emalee LOVES her brothers. She is always laughing at one of them.

Proud Daddy

So the boys were watching Izak's favorite movie (Beauty and the Beast) in our bed. Kevin went in to check on them and to his delight he discovered they had turned off the movie and were instead watching basketball! Kevin took pictures for proof. The three boys watched until the game was OVER! I wish they would sit through church that still!