Sunday, April 5, 2009

Egg Hunt

More egg hunt pictures! The boys had a great time checking out the Easter Bunny's ride!

Easter Egg Hunt

Our church at its first Easter Egg hunt this year. All of the Smith cousins (except Derrick) joined in on the fun! The bunny arrived on a fire truck and then stayed around long enough for pictures. Izak thought it was so funny to touch his tail. Everyone had a good time for sure!

Black Mail!

So I have been making Tutu's and flower bows for my booth. The boys LOVING trying on the tutu's so I just had to take a picture...only Izak escaped and Jaxen posed!! His first girlfriend (when he is 18) will probably run after seeing these pictures!

Jaxen HELP

Anytime Emalee needs ANYTHING, Jaxen is there to help. She started fussing the other day so I asked Jaxen to give her A toy...needless to say she was happy for quite awhile after Jax hooked her up!

Giggles and Grins

Emalee LOVES her brothers. She is always laughing at one of them.

Proud Daddy

So the boys were watching Izak's favorite movie (Beauty and the Beast) in our bed. Kevin went in to check on them and to his delight he discovered they had turned off the movie and were instead watching basketball! Kevin took pictures for proof. The three boys watched until the game was OVER! I wish they would sit through church that still!