Sunday, August 31, 2008

Emalee is on the way!

Emalee is trying to join our family earlier then expected! On Thurs. I started having contractions and after a day in the hospital, they still wont' stop! Currently I am on a three day bedrest (thank you Vickie and Heather for making this possible!) until I am 34wks along. At that time, I can resume some activities because Emalee will have a GREAT chance at a completely successful birth and development. Currently, the mild contractions are every 2-3 mins and increase with activity. It will be interesting to see how much longer she will wait to meet her brothers...I dont think she will wait until her Oct 17th due date!

Izak's First Game

Izak did awesome at his first soccer game! For his age, score is not kept, yet out of the 5 goals scored for his team, he made THREE of them!! Thank you Uncle Chris and his friend Char for joining us to cheer on his team, The Flash!

School Days

Both of the boys started "school" this past week. Izak loves his teacher, Ms Kay. Jaxen loves the idea of going to school but cries every time he has to leave Izak. If only he could stay in the 4yr old room....

I'm a soccer mom

Its official, I am now a soccer mom! Izak has started playing soccer this fall. He loves the sport and we love watching him play, especially Jaxen!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'm new here....

today is a new first day blogging. My kids are so cute and my husband is so wonderful that it is time I share with the world our wonderful life. Wish me luck!