Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Today has been TEST day for Emalee! Our wonderful Dr is testing her to find out what exactly is going on. She is positive for RSV and pneumonia but there seems to be an underlying issue that is causing her bad choking episodes. She has been sick for almost a month and we are just now "connecting the dots" and realizing that the choking episodes correlate with her feeding. She was tested ALL morning with different Barryium (sp?) dye. They were looking for problems in her upper GI tract. She does have some reflux but not enough to be causing her choking problems. This evening we are meeting with a speech therapist who will evaluate her sucking/swallowing while eating. Tomorrow morning her upper air ways are going to be tested. We are looking for the "problem" that is leading to what is now thought to be causing her to aspirate. She is such a good little lady for being so sick. She only cries during/after a choking episode, which happens every time she eats. The RSV is causing her to produce a TON of mucus in her lungs/chest. This stuff is very thick and hard for her to pass therefore the nurses and respiratory therapists have to suction her airways (NOT fun!). Last night she had a horrible episode which resulted in a blockage the size of a golf ball. She is such a trooper though! A positive report: she is NEGATIVE for rotavirus! Yeah! The boys are feeling MUCH better today. They are chilling at Grandma and Grandpa's house having a blast. Thankfully, Kevin was off work today and able to help "hold down" our princess during the tests. More later..

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