Friday, December 12, 2008

The Plan

What an eventful morning! And started at 4 am with Emalee SCREAMING in pain. Her reflux is starting to wear on the lining of her tummy and esophagus. BUT, we have a plan and so far it is working! The Drs and therapists believe that she is aspirating her reflux so we are working on preventing the reflux. She takes a medicine, Reglan, before each meal that empties her stomach. Her formula is now thickened to the consistency of honey, and she eats, sleeps, and plays sitting at a 90' angle. The last three feedings have been successful, no aspiration!
Her lungs are still very full. The RSV and pneumonia are not able to clear up until the aspiration stops. She has needed her breathing treatments before she can have them and she is still on O2. We have been trying to wean her off the o2 but she just isn't ready to breath on her own just yet. Right now we are just waiting. Please pray that her pain subsides, the reflux becomes controlled, and her lungs become clear.
I dont know what they are giving her in the IV but somehow her hair is getting more and more auburn and her eyes blue. She is absoultely beautiful!
The boys are having a great time with Grandma and Grandpa (THANK YOU!!). Last night they got to help decorate their tree. Most of the ornaments are knee high (or eye high for a 2yr old).

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The Nowlin Family said...

Emalee is a strong little girl and is going to get better. I am thinking and praying for you, baby Emalee and the boys. I love you guys so much.