Saturday, December 13, 2008


Precious Emalee is exhausted, as is our entire family! We have not learned a ton of new info. Emalee is being treated for the whooping cough, RSV, reflux and pneumonia. The hope is that the illnesses will not get any worse and eventually she will begin to heal. Her lungs are FULL of junk! We will be in the hospital, here in Rogers, until she is able to breath room air (not straight O2 which she is on now), able to eat well enough to sustain herself, and not choke during coughing spells. I asked the Dr if he thought days or weeks or what and he just shrugged his shoulders. Time will tell. I am very grateful to be here because the Drs., nurses, and therapists are wonderful! The hard part is that it is impossible to rest here. Every two hours someone comes in...either to give medicine, breathing treatments, or access the princess. Emalee is getting used to all the rustling around and sleeps through a lot of it.
Today's Prayer Requests:
-Complete and quick recovery of all illnesses for Em
-A smooth, uncomplicated day tomorrow.
-Thanksgiving to everyone who is praying for us and helping us in anyway. Thank you for all of the encouraging emails. It is extremely hard to be able to write the blog let alone email. I am getting the messages and they do really cheer us up, so THANK YOU!
I hope to things are smooth enough tomorrow that I can go and see the boys for a little while. I miss them SO much. We are still in isolation so no visitors for us.

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