Sunday, December 14, 2008


We are so blessed. Today was a wonderful day! Emalee is doing great! She has been resting, eating, and trying to get better all day. We are still in the waiting period of the illness. We have to just wait it out until her lungs clear up and she is able to breathe on her own. They tried turning down her O2 but she still isn't ready. For being so sick, she is really a happy baby. Her reflux is definitely under control therefore we have had NO aspiration since Thurs. This should help her lungs clear up and heal. Still no word on how long we will be here...God only knows!
I went home for a few hours this afternoon and saw my boys. They are SO awesome and precious. I can not explain how difficult it is to be away from them and how much I look forward to having my family under one roof again.
Uncle Chris, Char, and Tyler surprised us and went over to our house and put up and decorated a Christmas tree. The boys were SO happy. Then they helped Izak and Jax make Christmas cookies. They loved putting sprinkles on the cookies. Jax would sprinkle on a spoon full and then eat a spoon full of the sprinkles. Thank you guys for giving my boys a wonderful morning!!!
My best friend Tami surprised Emalee with a Christmas tree for her hospital room. It is a small green ceramic tree covered in gold glitter with big bright lights. Emalee's eyes are the size of quarters as she watches the lights light up.
Thank you to Chandi for a wonderful dinner for my entire family.
This entire ordeal is much easier with great friends and family that show so much love and support.
Please continue to pray for my baby girl. She is SUCH a fighter and I know God has great plans ahead for her.

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