Monday, September 22, 2008

Emalee is here!

Our precious daughter, Emalee Ann Smith, has arrived! She was born on Sunday, Sept 21st at 2:44pm weighing in at 5pounds 14 ounces and 18 inches long! She has a full head of brown curly! Please keep her in your prayers though. She is currently in the Intensive Care Unit for Newborns with some breathing issues. She is actually 5 days premature and her lungs are not quite developed completely. I have only gotten to see her for about an hour the evening she was born...although she is breathtakingly beautiful, she is really fighting for each breath on her own. We are hoping that through the night her breathing is more stable and she is able to come off some (all!) of the oxygen. At our last Dr's report (10pm-ish) she was still getting 100% oxygen but Kevin got to see her around 1 am and she was already down to only 40%!!! . So it may not be too much longer until we can actually hold her and let her brothers meet her! We will try to keep this blog updated with info and more pictures, hopefully soon!

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Katie said...

Oh my, she is so beautiful... you two make gorgeous children!! We know that the five of you will be at home together before you know it! We are thinking of you and of little Emalee.. can't wait to meet that little cutie.

Katie & Hunter